Easier written than said.

Despite my setbacks and imperfections it’s amazing the numerous of people that look up to me. Success is like Rome. It wasn’t built in one day and when in Rome do as the Romans do.

I’ve always observed great women of power with much awe. Not the women who buy themselves into ‘power’, ‘popularity’, ‘recognition’ with money or beauty. That quickly fades.

I mean those of us who touch human hearts and reform lives for the greater good. People are counting on us to be that miracle.

The work is real and it’s a hell a lot of work. To build something out of nothing. Paving a road less traveled or not traveled at all is the most thrilling adventure taken. For only a fool could prevail such madness.

Wits, Courage, and a Wicked sense of humor.

And I’m neither a politician or social worker….just a pirate sailing without a compass.

Humor me.

SïMpLë // sMïLë

Writing does it …

Not here to waste time to have you believe something of me. Here to awaken your truth. Take it or leave it. This is the part the rich and poor unite // The intellectual and street smart unite. Under one God for justice and Liberty for all. We are many. We are One.

Here is something for all to look back on for when the tides get stronger. Your social security disappears. You get tired for working for your boss’s dreams. And understand we are here momentarily.